Gandhinagar International Film Festival

GIFF - About Us

Gandhinagar International Film Festival (GIFF ) an initiative by City Pulse Institute of Film & Television (CPIFT) is an effort to nurture the platform of culture and tradition with the medium of Films. Following the year of Grand Launch of the festival in April 2011 with felicitations from film fraternity across world, Government and the people we are even committed to have a better Film Festival of 2012.

City Pulse Institute of Film & Television, has been providing degree education in Film & Television careers since June 2010.

Gandhinagar International Film Festival will be held every year at the City Pulse campus, Gandhinagar in the month of February. The Gandhinagar International Film Festival will generate awareness of Good Cinema among people of Gujarat and will attract Film & Television Industry to the state.

GIFF - Vision & Mission

Cinema has become a part of our Indian Culture, Cinema is a celebration, Cinema is Art and Cinema is Culture, India is one of the largest film industries in the world producing 700 films a year. Indian films have depicted and promoted India art and culture through various cinematic styles, be it commercial or art films or today's off beat cinema, Indian cinema has celebrated our culture through its dance, songs, stories and a fantastic cinematic visual language.

CPIFT, City Pulse Institute of Film & Television is an effort to establish the roots of film education in the state of Gujarat at Gandhinagar, It is first of its kind to be able to establish a systematic curriculum for the same and offer BA and MA courses in field of film education in affiliation to a recognized university.

In continuation to this effort, CPIFT has sucessfully launched the first International Film Festival of Gandhinagar, GIFF to celebrate the spirit of Indian Cinema. It is the endeavor of the CPIFT to establish the culture of film appreciation and celebration through the spirit of a festival. It aims to establish the interaction between the people, the Stars and the filmmakers to come together and have a dialogue to celebrate the sprit of Indian cinema. GIFF has an objective to provide the platform to the people of Indian cinema to showcase and promote their films.

GIFF is a forum to discuss and participate in an interaction to produce better cinema.

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