Gandhinagar International Film Festival

Director's Message


Gandhinagar International Film FestivalWelcome to the Gandhinagar International Film Festival! Gujarat has a long and vibrant history of arts and culture. It is a place where tradition looks forward to the future. Through Gandhinagar International Film Festival, we are trying to bridge these two worlds. It is our vision to develop and enhance a progressive film culture in the state. We dream of bringing the film community of the globe closer to Gujarat by using the mesmerizing art of Cinema. In its unique style it is capable of conveying a million ideas to every age, sex, color or creed, through its universal language which we all understand so well. Cinema is the bond that binds us all, providing us with knowledge and enlightenment as it entertains us artfully with its magic.

This year we have received 97 films from 10 countries, out of which 33 films will be screened during the festival .While selecting these films we have given equal importance to the content and the aesthetic quality.

Participating in a film festival as a spectator, filmmaker, expert or a member of advisory boards, is always a joy but organizing an event of this magnitude is sheer pleasure. The workload of coordinating an event like a film festival puts you in trance which you can enjoy even after the crescendo is over.

The overwhelming participation of film makers from various countries has made this festival truly international. Their presence has added prestige to the Festival. I must also express my gratitude to all the attending Indian delegates.

Warm Regards,

Ashok Purohit
(Festival Director)

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