Gandhinagar International Film Festival

About City Pulse Institute of Film & Television

Gandhinagar International Film FestivalCity Pulse, a cultural campus, was conceived fifteen years ago, to provide a platform for true connoisseurs of the arts to appreciate performers and performances. A place here along with other performing arts, cinema too shall be perceived as a live, interactive medium. In time City Pulse grew to include an amphitheatre, a concert hall, a studio, an art gallery, a pavilion, a teaching block, a book store and even a discotheque, creating an infrastructure like none other in the country. Given all this, it was but natural for City Pulse to evolve further into something in synchrony with its ethos of art refinement. Perceiving the need for proper training in Visual arts medium and the scope for qualified technicians and talented Gandhinagar International Film Festivalartist, establishing an educational institute was imperative. Today City Pulse Institute of Film and Television is different from a regular organization in its philosophy, culture and structure which permeates down to all faculty, staff and students. The emphasis is on all round cerebral growth, not confined to a particular skill, but to all affiliated arts like music, dance, drama, painting and sculpture for teaching infrastructure already exists. The institute is affiliated with The North Gujarat University and offers Bachelor and Master degree courses in various discipline of Film making first time in India. What has finally evolved is a comprehensive support system and an integrated intellectual base, not usually found in most institutes.

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